New to factory io


I am new to factory io and i love this program. Thanks everyone.

I start using the factory io with Tia portal for my university homework.

And I made this work Production Line - YouTube

If someone want the scene , you can tell to me to sent it to you and thanks for the community for the help that they provide to me from their topics <3


You can dm me the scene file and I’ll upload it here if you want.

PS. Same goes for your TIA archive if you want. Would love to take a look at it.

Can i get it?
Tia File and Factory scene?

It is fantastical!


So, OP sent me the files.

ProductionLine.factoryio (344.2 KB) (2.0 MB)

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That is truly impressive. I think you should be fine passing your degree.:grinning:


Thank you for your kind words

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Hello your work is absolutely impressive. I am so new to factory IO and i am lost, i only started using TIA and factory IO in may and till now i still get confused. If you don’t mind can you help me with a one on one tutoring. I am making a delivery line using conveyors, automated warehouse storage , RFIDs, and man other sensors. I don’t mind appreciating your help, to get me where i want to is my goal. Your reply is much appreciated