OPC UA - Codesys 3.5.15 - Tutorial Project - Factory IO 2.5.0


I have a problem when testing the OPC UA tutorial.
the following error message is >>The secure channel is closed:remote side closed connection >>.
which settings in Codesys do I have to make.

Hi, @ralph.seela! Welcome to the forum.

The error you’re getting indicates that an OPC server can’t be found at the URL you’re using. In order to fix it, please try the following:

  1. If CODESYS Control Win is running, close it;
  2. Start CODESYS Control Win V3 on a terminal;

  1. Find the server URL displayed in the terminal window;


  1. In Factory I/O, go to FILE > DRIVERS > CONFIGURATION, enter the URL in the OPC Server input field, and press Enter to connect;


  1. Save the scene to keep the changes.

Please, let me know if this solved your issue.

Hello Beatriz,
Your tip helped, the driver is running.
But unfortunately I can’t assign any data.

for information : here I use Codesys 3.5.17

Error found…
and fixed.

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