OPC Client DA/UA Problem

I have problem wit OPC Client DA/UA. When I to choose OPC server error shows on my screen : The secure channel has been closed: Remote side closed connection.

This error typically indicates that you are trying to connect to an OPC UA Server that does not have anonymous user identity enabled. Can you tell me what is the OPC server you are trying to connect to and the URL you are using?

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Hoping that you’re fine.

I’m coming with an OPC UA Client issue … I’ve just bought the OPC DA/UA Client driver and would like to connect factory to my OMRON OPC UA Server … following endpoint I’m using: opc.tcp// and I’m getting the message: “Certificate has is expired or not yet valid. NotTime Valid: NotTimeValid”
I’ve put the client certificate of Factory IO on the OMRON PLC server but no reaction … UA Expert works fine and does find the server …

Could you be so kind and help me out?

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I suspect the port 4840 in the server URL may not be correct. This is typically the port used by the LDS (Local Discovery Server) and shouldn’t be used by OPC servers. Can you share a screenshot of the Omron OPC server where I can see the URL?

Hello Bruno
I have the exact same problem with the secure channel… i use codesys software softplc with factory io and there have never been problem before… it uses my local pc name

I started getting this error after i have installed wincc v7.5 and pcs7 siemens software. Any idea why? When i browse opc servers it only shows somne wincc options and not from the gateway via codesys?

How it looks with wincc installed

What opc server I want it to find