RFID tags on boxes

Hi everyone, I m working on a project where I need to sort boxes using 1 RFID sensor. I m trying to read the tag on a box and use a comparator that activates a pusher at specific locations on the convayor.
My problem is the tags on the boxes, is there a way to set the emmiter to emmit boxes with specific tags that I can then use with the comparator ?? , if not, what other way can I sort boxes using only one RFID sensor ??


Hello @waillahmoudi, welcome to the forum!

As far as I know there is no way to spawn boxes with specific data already in the RFID tag.
You would need to write the desired data into the tag at the spawn point using the RFID reader in mode 3 “write data”.

You can then write the desired data into the 128 data DWORDs by using the index 0…127 in the “memory index” parameter.

See also: Control IO RFID Example - #14 by janbumer1

Thank you for your response, even though I m required to use only one RFID sensor, I see that I need an other one.
so I set up a light array sensor to sort the boxes and for each height I write a specific tag that I then use with a comparator to sort the boxes.(I know I m basicaly doing the same thing twice but I m required to use RFID and not light array).

Now I have an other problem, when I read the RFID tags the value of the Read Data tag changes in Factory IO but in TIA Portal it stays 0 . how can I fix that ?

I mean, you sometimes need to be creative with Factory IO. While you’re required to only use one for your “solution”, setting up the simulation for your solution just needs another one. I always split my program into the solution parts and the “simulation set-up” parts.

In regards to your problem: have you made sure your inputs are mapped correctly and activated PUT/GET communication (see step 11)? And have you also made sure you don’t overwrite your values with any other inputs or any physically connected devices?