S7-1200 PLC Connection Bug

Hey Team,

Thanks for a great product!

I am currently using Factory I/O v2.5.5 Ultimate Edition

I normally configured a connection to my Siemens S7-1200 PLC (CPU 1212C AC/DC/Rly) via S7 PUT/GET.

I am independently fetching values with a python program connecting to the PLC via OPCUA. During the OPCUA connection, Factory I/O encounters connection issues. Any recommendations?

Please see attached image showcasing the same:


I have narrowed down the bug to the moment when an OPCUA client connect to the S7 PLC is called. Also confirmed the same bug in v2.5.6

To understand your bug correctly, you are connecting to your PLC from Factory I/O with PUT/GET and exchanging data, in the instant you connect to the PLC with OPCUA the connection of Factory I/O is dropped? Could you test if you can still connect to the PLC over PUT/GET using a different device, like maybe another S7-PLC?
Is there any error messages in the error buffer of the PLC?