Simulation problem

I am facing one problem while doing simulation
The problem is whenever I use Normally closed equipments like stop button, emergency button, and photo reflective sensor then while doing simulation signal from this device doesn’t remain ON instead it is flickering like On then OFF then ON
I am using Siemens plcsim edition in factory io and tiaportal
So is this problem of tiaportal of factory io ?
Have anyone face same problem ?

Yes I also have this same problem. In my case I am using a real Siemens PLC. I also have the trouble that inputs are toggeling TRUE/FALSE, although in Factory IO its True

Hi @yashw4854 and @hojaje3610

This issue may be related to the following topic.

correct, that topic solved the basic io true false toggleing :D. Now for the next question. I have the same issue with the safety inputs of a 1214F plc.