Starting PLC training with SoMachine Basic 1.6

If you look for a simple soft PLC to start with PLC programming with FACTORY I/O, SoMachine Basic from Schneider Electric could be an interesting possibility. SoMachine Basic is free, easy to use and it enables to program M221 PLC in SFC and LD. It integrates a free soft PLC which is Modbus TCP server. So, it can easily be connected with FACTORY I/O by using the driver Modbus TCP client.

SoMachine Basic can be downloaded here : by Height (Advanced) (57.0 KB)


hello, how to configure somachine and factory io?Thank

You have almost nothing to do. The soft PLC includes with So Machine is modbus TCP server and it uses internal boolean variable %Mi. If in your FIO scene with the driver modbus TCP client, you use for instance “coil 3” for one sensor (input), it is going to be %M3 for So machine. In addition, if you use “input 17” for one actuator (outputs), it corresponds to %M17 in So Machine. The one and only thing to do is to take different adresses for FIO inputs and outputs in the configuration of the driver modbus TCP client.

Do not hesitate if you have any problem.


hello thank you very much i will try

it’s perfect thank you again

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