The big Factory I/O Wishlist

This shall be a place your wishes for futures of Factory I/O. Please only post one-liners, there is a separate discussion board.

  • Transfer carriage
  • Chain transfer without rolls
  • Variable Wheel Sorter (Analog Signal for Speed)
  • Analog/Digital Stacker Crane (axis Movement digital, Position analog, no set Point)
  • Analog turntable
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Hi Jan,
This is a good idea. Below you can see my wish list

  • Transfer Carriage
  • Conveyors with Chain
  • Chain Transfer (configutation up/ down with output )
  • All Conveyors (configuration speed in m/s before use frequency drive)

Check for duplicates I/O in IO driver

  • A way to hide the outlines of emitters/removers or to hide them completely for run-mode.

From ludovicus.ulrichts

  • White, blue and black buttons
  • 4 bit rotary encoder (to select bases or parts)
  • Alphanumeric Display (4 lines / 20 characters) to use as user interface
  • Create/save/share our own stations

From geert.vangrieken


  • Hiding/showing walkways in edit mode (it is somethings not so easy to select items in edit mode)
  • More than one view in run mode (one or two small pop-up views so you have a better idea what is going on)

New things in the palette

  • More electric switchboards (a large one standing on the ground and a small one just for 4 buttons)
  • Floor lines (so you can create zones for walking, operating, etc. just like in the real world)
  • Safety signs
  • Some extra smaller safeguards (width) would be nice
  • A table for an operator (so you can sort out a reject item for control by an operator. Afterwards he/she push a button on a small electric switchboard so he/she can insert the item)
  • The “old” paint mixing station would be nice :slightly_smiling_face:


  • Tank station : A door with a door switch on the tank
  • Tank station : A coil in the tank to heat the water (with temperature sensor)
  • Stacker crane : Light array sensor to the left & to the right so you can check if the load on a pallet is moved (to avoid damage)
  • Stacker crane : Digital limit sensors on the X & Y axis in Digital & analog configuration
  • Analog sensors & actuators : DINT range from 0 … 27648 (Siemens), DINT range from 0 … 32767 (common) : Add those two items to the configuration of these sensors & actuators

From j.marcelissen

  • Mark or check for duplicate namens in I/O because import of the most programs won’t accept this
  • Mark that you do not have duplicates in I/O is linked
  • Mark which IO not is linked yet
  • Counter how many Inputs and outputs there are
  • If you double click on the name that you go to specifick IO (in the field)
  • if more I/O are used X multiple pages or 2 blocks so you dont get a large linking block
  • See in configuration page maximum of I/O you can use
  • In the configuration page get autosize button for the input/output size depending on scene

From dennis.restle

  • Ability to sort IO List alphabetically
  • Make visible which IOs have already been assigned

From kberisso

  • Scalable Guard rails, Walkways and Fences


  • Guard rails, fences and platforms all based on increments of 0.5m, 1m and 2m to match conveyors better.
  • Corner pillar for fences

a bottling machine would be nice, with broken bottles discarded and the good ones palletized.
sorry english but i use google translate

Update the “Save As” and “Open” commands so that you can use your own directory. Students cannot save on the lab computers, they have to keep their files on Onedrive or USB drives.

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@paul.murray Thanks for the feedback. Currently, there is a workaround for it by setting the scenes path in an auto.cfg file. Although not ideal, it may work for you. See more about cfg files and the scene.my_scenes_path command here: Console - Factory I/O - Documentation


Hi Bruno,

We have been using a small script as a work-around. It works, but it is awkward. Please tell me that someone is working on an update for “Save As” and “Open” commands.


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@paul.murray Someone is working on an update for “Save As” and “Open” commands :wink:
Most likely it will be included in the next release.


Can we have pure chain conveyors? Currently there’s only a combined conveyor available.

Oh, and transfer carriages please. :wink:

Sigh…maybe in 2.4.7?

@paul.murray Factory I/O 2.5.0 Preview 1 includes several improvements for Open and Save commands. Take a look at it here: We are planning the release for next week.

Feature Request:

Provide Unity project template to allow Unity content creators to create new and importable assets that contain both visuals and function.

Once the process of asset creation is stabilized, third party assets could be shared with community.


HVAC components:

  • Air heater (fast ones like roof heater, slow ones like radiator or underfloor heating)
  • coolant device
  • fans
  • sensors for temperature, air quality etc.


  • Air pressure system