Unstable Analog input

Hi, I have this issue with the tank scene.
I configured it as analog and when reading the Analog input for the water level, I get a unstable (flickering ) reading. I tried to add an averaging library as filter but still cannot get a good reading.
I tried using input smoothing, noise reduction, using external input, configured it as word with Factory IO for and int in plc, then as Dword in F.IO and real in plc, no improvement.
What am I doing wrong?


Hi @jferri7!
I’ve tested the analog input for the tank level with both Siemens and Codesys and I didn’t get any flickering/unstable reading. I declared the variables in the PLCs as REAL and didn’t change anything in Factory I/O.
What PLC are you using and what protocol are you using to communicate with Factory I/O?