Variable Wheel Sorter, prcel size etc


We use factory i/o to simulate some of our systems and train our people to control them. Beside the existing great possibilities we are missing a couple of “detail” features as following:

  • The wheel sorter has a fixed speed. Would it be possible to add a wheel sorter with analog speed control?
  • The same for the scale, variable speed would be great.
  • There are 3 length of conveyor, 2, 4 and 6m. I think it will be difficult to add a variable size, so I was wondering if you could add some more sizes, for example a 1m and a 50cm conveyor would be great to be a bit more flexible.
  • There are only 3 type of parcels and all of them are quiet big. Would it be possible to add more parcel sizes?
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Any response on that? Especially the variable wheel sorter and a smaller conveyor would be very helpful.

Hi @inser.

Can you please explain why analog speed control for the wheel sorter and conveyor scale would be valuable to you? It wasn’t implemented as we thought it brought little value at the cost of increasing complexity.

Regarding conveyors with more sizes we would really love to add variable sized conveyors. I’ve registered the suggestion about 1m and 0.5m conveyors for future consideration.

Is there a reason why you can’t use the Paletizing Box? Is it also too large?


When running belt conveyors with analog speed at slower or higher speed than the wheel sorter or scale, parcels start to jump around. So when using wheel sorter you are limited and can’t play with speeds. Having a variable speed wheel sorter would also give more flexibility in Layout and what you can do with it. Furthermore our real systems have variable speed wheel sorters and we also use them to control gap between parcels.
In addition our sorters can control the direction of the wheels in steps, but I don’t think that this is needed.

On our systems we have parcels down to 10x10x10cm, they behave different than big parcels.

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Any news on that? Just bought a licence now…

Any update? I would love to see more conveyor’s length. If possible, make it variable, so we can test a lot more scenarios.