Variable-length conveyors and process control parts

I have two part question. (1) I just wanna ask if there’s any option that allows us to not only use 2M, 4M, or 6M conveyors and for incline conveyors, Coz there’s so much restrictions and sometimes i need about 1Meter conveyor to complete my desired project. (2) Will there be pipes, valves, boilers, pid temparatures controls in coming versions?

Currently there isn’t an alternative to fixed size conveyors (2M, 4M and 6M). We have plans to add variable-length conveyors to a future version of Factory I/O. Also, we are researching on how far we can go in the field of process control - which is quite challenging to simulate in real-time. Unfortunately, we don’t have an estimated release date for any of these features.