Activation key not found (v2.4.0)

What is that? I must download a speccial program? My licence dosnt work

Hi @darmogray007

We already replied to you by email but I leave the steps described here as well.

If you are seeing this message:

Activation key not found in database

This means that you don’t have v2.4.0 (or higher) installed or there is an old license in your system. In order to fix this problem do the following:

  1. Update Factory I/O to the latest version. Try again.
  2. If the problem persists, Start Factory I/O, go to VIEW > Open Console
  3. Type license.clear(2048) - this command deletes all licenses in your system - and press Enter.
  4. Type license.use_legacy = 0 and press Enter.

You should now be able to use your serial key.

Are there any console commands that are usable with the new licensing system? Most of the comments (as clear()) are flagged as “legacy”.

You can fin all commands here:

Yeah, I did see that. But the command I’m searching for is marked as legacy (the command to erase all licenses from the computer). See my comment on the other topic on why I am in need of such a command.

License not working. how to fix thi one?

Thank you…

@kevin.guinares1234 Check that you are entering the correct serial key. If you require further assistance please send me a private message containing your serial key.

How sir?

@kevin.guinares1234 You can contact support here: Send me your serial key so I can investigate this further.