Assembler Lab 3

Last of 3 labs involving the Assembler Scene. For this lab, the students must work in pairs to transfer information, via ethernet (learned from a previous lab not posted here), from one PLC to another. They are required to start with the PLC Program and Scene created for Lab 2 but must now add two vision sensors so that each student’s scene can only assembly one color (upstream is blue, downstream green). All files are contained in the attached zip. As always, please feel free to use for education purposes.

Lab 3 File Contents:

  • Student Handout
  • Notes including Input and Output configuration.
  • Custom Factoryio Scene from Lab 2 Modified as Upstream Assembler.
  • Custom Factoryio Scene from Lab 2 Modified as Downstream Assembler.
  • One possible PLC Program for each PLC using Rockwell Compact Logic PLC.
  • Adobe file of each PLC Program with Lab 2 to Lab 3 transformation notes.
  • Tag csv file output for each PLC Program

PLC and Solution Files updated 25Mar20.

Assembler - Lab (1.4 MB)
Assembler - Lab 3 - (3.4 MB)
Assembler - Lab 3 - (2.5 MB)

Link to a YouTube Video of the final solution. Lab 3 Video ( Culmination of Labs 1, 2 and 3)


After reviewing my files, it seems there are a few minor mistakes in the PLC2 program. A correction has been posted.

  • Wayne

I’ve posted a few more videos on my YouTube Channel (no adds, no clickbait) that relate directly to Lab 2 and Lab 3.

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