Assembler Lab 1

I’ve posted 2 Labs for use with the Factoryio Assembler Scene in order of complexity. These labs use Rockwell Studio 5000. (A 3rd lab will be posted shortly that allows students to transfer objects from one PLC to another via a Network Connection). Please see the link below.
Contents include:

  • Student Handouts including Input and Output configuration.
  • PLC Programs using Rockwell Compact Logic PLC.
  • Adobe file of the PLC Programs.
  • Tag csv file outputs
  • Talking points - sequence of operation (for selected labs)

Assembler Labs


Thanks for sharing. I am still getting organized with my labs, but I will certainly post some for others to use. I have my students focus on FBD and ST, so no ladder logic in my labs.

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Thanks. I will be looking forward to seeing programming in FBD or ST as I don’t get a chance to do anything extensive in those formats. Will also provide a nice variety to kick off the forum.