Assembler Lab 2

Here is the 2nd of 3 labs I developed for my Graduate Industrial Automation class. I’ve zipped up all the contents into one file. The goal of this lab is for the Student to edit the Assembler Scene and add Manual Operation to the Program created for Lab 1. Each Student is required to expand the panel to include full Automatic and Manual Operation and Position Indication. Please feel free to use for education purposes and provide any feedback.

Lab 2 Contents:

  • Student Handout including Input and Output configuration.
  • Custom Factoryio Scene with Pushbutton Panel and additional Proximity Switches.
  • One possible simple PLC Program using Rockwell Compact Logic PLC. Two routines were created, one for Hand/Auto Mode and another for the Panel Indicators.
  • Adobe files of the PLC Program (one file for each routine).
  • Tag csv file output

Assembler (2.2 MB)