Boxes disappear during simulation

I have a environment where I use roller conveyors and turn tables to move around pallets with boxes of different sizes. Up to 2020, this simulation was running for hours without any issue. Last week, after an update to the latest version, same simulation started to disappear boxes on pallets just at the moment turntable starts rotating. From the 4 turntables I have in the simulation, 2 present the same issue. I have 3 computers with same KepserverEx(OPC)-Factory I/O setup and it only happens on that specific scenario. I have other 9 simulations of processes with similar complexity and all run fine, only scenarios with turntables have this issue. Do scenarios get corrupted and have to be rebuilt after an update? I already reverted to previous version but problem is persists in all 3 computers. I could send you guys a video of the issue as it takes less than a minute for bug to happen.

Hi @fghernandezrivera1 .
A video of the issue would be most helpful.
You can contact support directly here:

Great!! How do I send you guys a video? As it’s part of an ongoing project, I am not allowed to share it in an open link.