Control I/O unique adresses?

Hi,I have recently started trying to do the scenes and I am stuck on the assembler,and the issue I m having is that I can t seem to get it to work how I want,like the bools are the same
Example,I have a move z bool,which should move it down or up,depending on the starting position
Problem is,I can see the blue line activate it,that works
However,if I add on another line of blocks another logical instruction and at the end it has the move z bool again,even if it is not blue,meaning it is not active,the first one just stops working
I don t understand what to do,it seems like they need different adresses,so they work independently of each other,but I can t figure that out
Here is a video where I showcase my exact problem
I barely managed to find a way to record,and it recorded only the driver,but it should make sense?