Assembler Glitch?

I noticed that, when rotating the Assembler (two axis pick and place) with the arm extended, Moving_X momentarily turns ON even though the Move_X command is Forced ON.

  • Wayne
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Thanks Wayne.

This is a known issue, but unfortunately its also one that is hard to fix properly without changing the Two-Axis Pick & Place configuration and probably causing other issues.
Tried to fix it by increasing the movement detection threshold, but with how the physics simulation works in Factory IO currently the problem would still occur, just less frequently, which would ‘hide’ the problem but make it harder to debug and understand.

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Kind of figured you know but wanted to make sure. I am okay with the odd issue here and there because it makes for good stories in the lab. Students must learn to be prepared for real world inconsistencies. Machines can have a mind of their own …