Create & share Templates between scenes and users

I can group several objects and make a group.
In a scene i can copy this and have several instances of the same group.
But when i move to a new Scene i have to redo my Objects.

I would love if i can group several Objects and create a Template with name and a picture.
This template library should be present in other scenes, too.
Or at least it should be exportable and importable via Save Group as File option or something like that.

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Thank you very much for the suggestions and also for your interest in Factory I/O.

Currently you can share parts between scenes by using the copy-paste functionality:
Open a scene containing the parts you want to share. Select the parts and copy them (you can copy either by pressing the Ctrl+C shortcut or from the ‘EDIT’ menu). Then, without closing FactoryIO, open the scene where you want to import the parts and paste. The parts you had selected before will be ready to drag into place.