Drop down lists not working

Bought myself the ultimate subscription but the dropdown lists don’t work.
When i click on it fast they sometimes flash but i never see any kind of options in it.
So i cant change language, video quality. Or select driver which is the main problem…
Was also not able to put my license number but i found a way to bypass it with the auto.cfg file.

Tried several versions and also several versions of video driver. Even without nvidia drivers installed…
Running the program as administrator.

So what to try next?

Hi @haaq,

Contact support at support [at] realgames.pt and attach your log file. See how to get the log file here: Obtaining a log file

Sent the log file.
Hope you can find something.

Thanx for your reply.
From the options you sent me, the one trying a different mouse got me thinking.
It was my game controller which messed it up. Disconnected it and everything works as it should.
Problem solved

Thank you again :smiley: