Factory IO 2.4.3 software cannot run

Hi ,
Recently i downloaded the Factory IO 2.4.3 version and installed it in my laptop. When i try to run it, its just the logo show up at the task bar and then dissapeared. The software wont run. Please help me.

Hey @alex_kant7,

Please try updating Factory IO to the latest version, v2.4.6. The installer can be downloaded from the download archive.
You should also check if your graphics device is being properly recognized by Windows, and that the drivers are up-to-date.

If the problem persists, Can you please send us a log file?
Here is a topic describing the usual steps to get it: Obtaining a log file
As you are not able to open Factory IO to run the console command in the article, you can get the log directly in the ‘C:\Users\AppData\LocalLow\Real Games\Factory IO\Player.log’ folder.
This folder can be hidden, so an easy way to get to it is to type ‘%userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Real Games\Factory IO’ into the explorer:
Please contact us on support (at) realgames.pt if you want to keep that information private.