Factory I/O v2.4.4 released

The new release of Factory I/O 2.4.4 is now available for download. This release includes a new driver for S7-PLCSIM Advanced 3.0, improved OPC UA/DA drivers and several bug fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed crash when a dragged item is deleted by a remover.
  • Fixed errors when opening v1.x scenes.
  • Added scene.start_tag_export(filename, interval) and scene.stop_tag_export() console commands to allow exporting tag values at repeated intervals.
  • Added physics.solver_iterations console command to allow changing the number of iterations of the physics constraint solver for contact and joint constraints.
  • Moved scene.quit() and scene.force_quit() console commands to app.quit() and app.force_quit().


  • Added driver for S7-PLCSIM Advanced v3.0
  • Redesigned OPC DA driver which is now faster and more robust - it now works correctly with RSLinx Classic.
  • Improved performance when browsing nodes on OPC UA servers.
  • OPC items/nodes now show correctly data types, following the IEC61131 standard.
  • Improved performance of the Open and Control IO drivers.
  • Lowered the .NET Framework version requirement for external drivers to 4.6.2.
  • Fixed crash by repeatedly showing an error message in Allen-Bradley drivers.
  • Fixed read errors not being correctly displayed on OPC UA driver.


  • Fixed scene preview grid order after saving a scene.
  • Fixed scene preview grid not updating if hidden when window is resized.


  • Floating licenses are now more resilient during system shutdown/crashes.


  • Advantech USD-4704 & USB-4750 device drivers must now be downloaded from the Advantech website and installed manually.

Thanks for all your hard work on this release!

Please consider adding some simple new objects in the next release - specifically for my courses I could use a “small part,” something about the quarter of the size of a lid, as well as a large “WIP” bin to catch them as they come off the conveyor :slight_smile:

Thanks as always either way,