Factory I/O v2.4.6 preview 2 available

[Edit] Released: Factory I/O v2.4.6

A new preview for the v2.4.6 version of Factory I/O is now available for download:

  • Installer (link removed)
  • Portable (link removed)

The main feature of this preview is an embedded web server which provides endpoints for getting information about tags and for reading and writing tag values.
This functionality requires the Ultimate Edition, and can be enabled with the app.web_server = True console command. By default, the server listens at the loopback address on port 7410, this can be changed with the app.web_server_url command.

Available endpoints are:
GET /api/tags
GET /api/tags/{id}
GET /api/tags/by-name/{name}
GET /api/tag/values
PUT /api/tag/values
GET /api/tag/values/by-name
PUT /api/tag/values/by-name
More details about the resource objects and example request and responses can be found in the Web API section of the manual.

Feedback on this feature is welcomed.

Full release notes:

  • Core: Added app.web_server and app.web_server_url console commands to enable a simple HTTP web server embedded in Factory IO.
    When enabled, the web server provides endpoints for getting information about tags, reading and writing tag values. More details about the endpoints can be found in the Web API section of the manual.
  • Core: Added scene.debug_emitter_remover console command to allow turning off emitter and remover visuals during Run mode.
  • Drivers: Fixed S7-PLCSIM Advanced Offset and Count mixup between input and outputs.
  • Drivers: Fixed error when browsing OPC UA servers when no server is found.
  • Drivers: Fixed OPC UA driver not connecting to servers due to using the server Uri in lower case - it now works correctly with node-opcua servers.
  • Drivers: Added new Modbus tutorial for CodeSys SP16 (or latter).
  • Licensing: Floating license cache is now properly cleared when closing Factory I/O.
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Thanks for all your hard work on this release!

Please consider adding:

  • simple “small part” about the quarter of the size of a lid

  • simple large “Work In Progress” bin to catch parts as they come off the conveyor - like a pallet with four walls a little shorter than a conveyor

  • simple source machine, or generic looking machine we can hide a source and conveyor in

Thanks as always,


I appreciate that the software is always being improved. But, frequent releases are not easy to manage in an educational environment. We “freeze” the lab computers so that students cannot mess around with them. It works well, but updating anything is a pretty big task for our IT people.

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We are somewhat lucky in our labs that software can be loaded on a temporary basis. The computers are not fully locked but revert when rebooted. This process allows some flexibility with shareware or updates while IT works on the rebuild (which could be next semester in many cases). One of our labs is still utilizing ITS-PLC for our first year students which predates the current Factoryio by … ah … just a few years. The worst part is when a software update requires changes to course material, then all heck breaks loose … lol … Unfortunately, working from home and teaching online during Covid has taken my free time away from playing with the more interesting facets of this software.