Factory I/O v2.5.0 preview 1 available

[Edit] Released: Factory I/O v2.5.0

A preview for the v2.5.0 version of Factory I/O is now available for download:

  • Installer (link removed)
  • Portable (link removed)

This release improves the open and save windows, which now allows changing the default directory, and choosing how the scenes are ordered.

A new warning icon is also displayed next to forced tags in the driver window.

Another major change is dropped support for on-premise license servers.

Full release notes:

Starting at version 2.5.0, on-premise license servers are no longer supported.
  • Core: ‘Open’ window defaults to the ‘Scenes’ tab when ‘My Scenes’ is empty.
  • Core: Added option to change directory when opening or saving scenes.
  • Core: Added option to choose how to order scenes in the ‘Open’ and ‘Save’ windows.
  • Core: Show sensor and actuator tags by default on clean installs.
  • Drivers: Added a warning icon next to forced tags in the driver window.
  • Drivers: Increased the maximum value for Modbus items starting address from 32767 to 65535.
  • Drivers: Fixed several bugs and improved performance on OPC driver.
  • Parts: Digital display now uses a monospaced font.
  • Documentation: Improved information regarding tags data types.
  • SDK: Updated SDK to .NET Standard 2.0.
  • Licensing: On-premise license servers are no longer supported.

could you tell me when V2.5.0 will be launched? (Real Version - Not the Preview)
Thank you very much.
Kind regards


We are currently working with the vendor of a third-party library (OPC) in order to fix a reported bug. Once this bug is fixed we will release the official version.