Factory io hangs/lagging

Hello sir,
my factory io is not working smoothly means it is responding with some time delay and simulation also lagging and not properly work what can be reason and how to fix it
I tried to reinstall but problem persists.
My laptop has Ryzen5 processor 16gb Ram and integrated graphics card


Your processor and RAM are perfectly fine for FIO. Can you tell me the model of the integrated graphics card?

Things to try:

  • Turn on the stats display by going to VIEW > Show Stats. This will allow you to see the simulation fps and how changes impact performance.
  • Try to lower the video quality (FILE > Options > Video > Quality) and see if it helps.
  • Check that you have the latest graphics card drivers installed.
  • Resize the FIO window to a smaller size and see if it helps. High-resolution screens can have a major impact on performance when quality is set to High or Very High.

Ok thanks,
First I reduced window size then I was able to change quality initially it was low then I setted very low now working better then before.

My graphics card is Radeon Vega mobile Gfx 2.10ghz

Specifically Which driver I must download can you suggest ?