Failed to read/write ComDrvS7 Error #509

Q1. I am using FIO ver 2.4.6 and Siemens S7-1211C PLC with TIA V16. I get the abovementioned error every 5-10 secs. I tried to upgrade to v 2.50 but it did the same thing. Yes, I have enabled full access and checked the PUT/GET box under Protection & Security settings, but it made no difference. I can ping my PLC IP address. And the FIO and PLC are on same subnet. TIA V16 is connected to the PLC and it is online. Its just FIO that is being stubborn. I have a license (not a trial version).

Q2. I am using a Schneider Modicon M580 PLC (Modbus TCPIP client/server) with FIO. Everything connects fine but there is a delay from the time a sensor is triggered in FIO and the time the contact/coil/memory bit comes on in the PLC. It doesn’t matter what factory scene i am on. It does it on all (elevator, palletizer, pick & place, sort by weight, etc.). Even a fraction of a second delay causes me headaches as the product has moved down the line passed the sensor before the PLC gets the sensor value and stops the belt or activates the pusher, etc. I use the same ladder logic logic in a Siemens PLC and there is no such delay. I only have the PS, and CPU module in the rack - there are no I/O modules. How does FIO determine scan time? Usually on an HMI, one can stipulate the scan time for a tag (0.1, 1, 10sec, etc). There is no such option in FIO.

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