Failed to read/write ComDrvS7


I’m On a Trail version of FIO and I want to get a Payed version but…

Why o Why is the “failed to read/write ComDrvS7 Error” is so F anoying??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Every 8 sec it blocks all.
Then you have to press ok and within 8 sec you have to go to File/Drivers and configuration all the way on the other side of the screen…Nah you wouldn make it.

Oops het is the failed to read/write ComDrvS7 again. press ok end goto to the Configuration?

I guess lot of user have a bigger screen and I realy think some even have 2 screens.
Well I have 2 30" one’s.

Now I understand why Factory IO in the “\Real Games” Folder :wink:

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…Just let me know if there is something wrong and let me fix it. :sob:

For the rest…great software… :+1:

Hi @mark.cremer67!
Thank you for your feedback!
Could you please clarify your issue with FIO so we can help? I’m not sure we understood it.