Failed to read/write ComDrvS7


I’m On a Trail version of FIO and I want to get a Payed version but…

Why o Why is the “failed to read/write ComDrvS7 Error” is so F anoying??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Every 8 sec it blocks all.
Then you have to press ok and within 8 sec you have to go to File/Drivers and configuration all the way on the other side of the screen…Nah you wouldn make it.

Oops het is the failed to read/write ComDrvS7 again. press ok end goto to the Configuration?

I guess lot of user have a bigger screen and I realy think some even have 2 screens.
Well I have 2 30" one’s.

Now I understand why Factory IO in the “\Real Games” Folder :wink:

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…Just let me know if there is something wrong and let me fix it. :sob:

For the rest…great software… :+1:

Hi @mark.cremer67!
Thank you for your feedback!
Could you please clarify your issue with FIO so we can help? I’m not sure we understood it.

cambia la IP de tu PLC, reset de fabrica y verifica que tus firewall de windows este desactivado, cierrra todo y desenergiza tu PLC y vuelve a iniciar todo, funciona…

Hi @fort2535, thanks for helping out! I would like to kindly ask you to write your posts in English since this is an international forum. Thank you.