How to use the incremental encoder in simulation?


I’ve been playing around with Factory IO for a long time now, it’s a great software that allows me to do a lot of interesting things.

But I am stuck on the incremental encoder, I cannot make it work in simulation with PLCSim and TIA Portal V16 and the same for V14. However, I followed tutorials on how to do this with an HSC (High Speed Counter) but the people in the tutorials did it in real life and not with PLCSim.

My problem is that I do not see the values of the HSC counter increasing, it remains at 0. But I do see the encoder entries in TIA Portal (in the variable table when I am in visualization).

Thank you in advance for your help,

Hi Quentin, welcome to the forum!

I don’t think the High Speed Counter works as Factory I/O reads and writes to the PLC memory, and not directly to the counter inputs. The encoder used in Factory I/O is a very low resolution encoder and is purposely slow, so a normal counter should work.
However, this link might help you.

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