IEC Counter does't work with tripple speed on FactoryIO

Hi guys

A real S7-1215C with firmware 4.5 is attached to my FactoryIO.
I have an IEC counter that is incremented via a positive edge light barrier. But now I’m behaving strangely.
At normal speed everything works fine. As soon as I increase the simulation speed to 2 or 3 times in FactoryIO, the IEC counter no longer counts individual parts.
First part is recognized, second part not, third part is recognized again. Does anyone have any ideas?

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The speed of data transfer between Factory IO and your PLCSIM in not the fast. You cant do nothing with that because its depended about your PC proces, how fast is your procesor and how much ram memory you have. I have the same issue that my encoder is not counting properly because the factory IO is soemtimes adding two or more states of the encoder pulse A and B so the are sended together with one data transfer. That makes my function not recognisisng the actual incremental encoder resolution.
The only thing what you can do is work on the normal speed of the factory io or even decrease it a bit. I tried also the OPC server on TIA Portal and its working the same way.
If you are using the PLCSIM that will be the same on other possible connections.


I had similar issues with certain counts and bit transitions. Slowing down the speed of the object resolved the issue (ie: encoder output). Realtime communication between the PLC and Simulation beyond a certain threshold is not possible in my experience.