Encoder improvement

Can you make an update and make the encoder not 4 pulses but more like 16 or bigger?
I want to control the conveyors via analog speed but right now even with 32g ram and good graphic card the Factory IO is sending double data on on +10V speed. So my function for displacement is losing around 25% of the pulses what are not sended correctly. If you make the encoder like 16 pulses it will still sometimes send via PLCSIM some double data and my function canot se if there was an R_TRIG because two of the points on the encoder circle will have it on one package send.
But that will decrese the amount of diffrences of data loss.
Or am I wrong ?
If you can find another idea to have it more reliable I am ready I listen carfully.

There is no setting to adjust how fast the data is sent between PLC and Factory I/O, i don’t think it depends on graphics settings but you can correct me if i’m wrong. You can’t do it with PLCSIM but if you have physical PLC you can use Wireshark to see the packets that are sent, from my experience the average was around 0.1s between reads based on 10 minutes of data and excel magic. The protocol is S7comm so you have to remember that Factory I/O send message to write bool inputs, PLC responds, then write word/dword inputs, read bool outputs, read dord/dword outputs. This is on no official page, i was reverse engineering how the communication works (as did the makers of the Factory I/O did with communication protocol, i suspect). If you have time you can look more at S7comm, I found the history of it interesting.


The plc has under 10ms cycle time and like you said the packets from factory are send around 100ms , i had sometimes under 30ms also. The thing is the Factory IO is sending depending on the PC proceses and not constant. I am trying to find another simulation software that is faster but without any results. :frowning:

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I’m not sure how fast you can go with Modbus TCP/IP protocol, but if you used PLC as a Master you could send request from PLC, even collect data from bool inputs faster and leave other I/O at slower speeds. You need license for version with modbus though.

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