Issues with PLC SIM and Compact PID

Anyone else having issues with PLC SIM and Compact PID? I am using V15 for TIA Portal. Everything works fine with the Tank Scene when I use the physical S7-1200 PLC, but I cannot get the Compact PID to initiate when using PLC SIM to communicate with Factory IO. I have seen some discussion on the net that PLC SIM does not work with PID Compact when using the S7 1200 PLC.

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Hi Peter,

Hereby the information about PLCSIM and PID_Compact V2 directly from the Siemens Information system.

The simulation of PID_Compact V2.x with PLCSIM for CPU S7-1200 is not supported.
PID_Compact V2.x can only be simulated for CPU S7-1500 with PLCSIM.

For the simulation with PLCSIM, the time behavior of the simulated PLC is not exactly identical to that of a “real” PLC. The actual cycle clock of a cyclic interrupt OB can have larger fluctuations with a simulated PLC than with “real” PLCs.

In the standard configuration, PID_Compact determines the time between calls automatically and monitors them for fluctuations.

For the simulation of PID_Compact with PLCSIM, for example, a sampling time error (ErrorBits = DW#16#00000800) can therefore be detected.

This results in ongoing tuning being aborted.
The response in automatic mode depends on the value of the ActivateRecoverMode tag.
To prevent this from happening, you should configure PID_Compact for simulation with PLCSIM as follows:

** CycleTime.EnEstimation = FALSE*
** CycleTime.EnMonitoring = FALSE*
** CycleTime.Value: Assign the cycle clock of the calling cyclic interrupt OB in seconds to this tag*.


Thank you so much for the prompt reply. I really appreciate it!

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