Memory problem PLCSIM S7-1500

I have a TIA Portal program with approximately 4 inputs and 120 Outputs, I start PLCSim and everything seems fine, I can even perform the simulation with it. But when I open my Factory I/O project with those I/Os connected, it takes a long time trying to connect, and Factory I/O shows a “Memory problem” promt. How can I fix this? TIA

I just solved the problem. As I didn’t intend to simulate my program with Factory I/O, I created my program in a file, and after that, I added in my Main (OB1) the function block that is provided to connect S7-PLCSIM V16 with Factory I/O, and it showed a strange error in my CPU also. I opened the given file and copied my program to solve the problem. Not the other way round, and after solving some issues with tags, it worked perfectly, without issues in the CPU or Factory I/O.