Momentary Inputs Latching

HI All - I’m running FactoryIO over a VPN to my schools lab. If a momentary pushbutton is pressed and released too fast, it will stay latch on in the PLC. I’ve also had this happen with a optical sensor on a fast moving object.

I believe this is happening because the release command is issued too soon after the press command and the PLC misses the release command. Is there a way to set a minimum “pressed” time?

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Just curious: So your plc is networked at your school and you can access from home? Does that mean you do your PLC programming from home as well? We’ve been debating about allowing remote access for some time now but still can’t get any agreement from our IT folks.

I’m an adjunct instructor at our local tech collage and on campus only one day a week. To allow me to develop coursework, the schools gave me VPN access to a trainers in our PLC lab.

As in your case, our IT department initially would not allow me, as an adjunct instructor, to have VPN access to their network. They first set up an virtual machine that I could access remotely but there were many problems with the programming software and they finally agreed to allow me to use the VPN. Since then everything has gone smoothly.

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The best we are going to get is for faculty to be able to remote into a computer that has a separate NIC for the PLC Network. Not the best solution but it’s better than nothing at this point.