An idea for distance learning

Hi, first of all, thank you for providing such brilliant software.
Inspired by would you please add “server based” Factory/IO simulator, so that users do not have to install software, but focus on learning PLC ?
A “simple” version would be an “instructor view only” of the Factory/IO screen output that can be viewed from browser would be great, similiar to VNC or RDP (Remote Desktop) view.
Users can connect thru modbus or any other driver to control the streamed scenario.

Thank you.

Hello Effendi,

I also use FIO for distance education. I am curious about what PLC you use with it. I have used Control IO a bit, but we in America are hooked on Rockwell. Installing FIO is nothing compared to installing Rockwell (I do not recommend having students install Rockwell…never again!).

Hi Paul, I share the same “pain” installing those heavy weight packages :wink:
Same issues go with many other vendors PLC applications probably due to their tons of features needed in industry.
I’ve been using Do-More Designer, a quite amazing application, for sometime with many happy students due to its small size but nevertheless extensive PLC features.
It has nice modbus support that you can use with Factory/IO (Be aware of modbus offset (0 or 1 as starting index)
Do-More Designer

Please note, I’m not in anyway affiliated with them.
But I’m glad for their free tools. It helps many students to understand PLC, especially when icombined with this amazing Factory/IO.

Thank you Do-More, thank you Factory/IO :slight_smile:


Another good software that is fairly lightweight IMHO would be CoDeSys. It has built in simulation of all the code, and you can hook it up via the OPC Gateway or Modbus to Factory IO. See CODESYS Tutorials and Samples

If you find Rockwell a daunting install steer clear of Siemens! It is a minefield. :laughing:

The installation of TIA Portal is actually pretty straight forward.

My comment was probably not relevant for the OP. But as a field service tech rather than a software engineer, I regularly go to PLC which I do not have prior experience of. My laptop is fully loaded with TIA V13 through to V17 and I still have issues due to something lacking or a clash of packages.
I have one version of RS Logic 5000 and have yet to have any major problems connecting to a PLC.

Maybe I have just been lucky.