Not able to connect to Prosys OPC UA running on Azure VM

A total Factory I/O newbie here, hoping to gain some insights with your kind help.

I have setup a running Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server on 13.79.17x.59:53530.

I am able to read and write data to it from Node-Red using the node-red-contrib-opcua modules.

When I try to use the OPC UA Driver from Factory IO with the URL ocp.tcp://13.79.17x.59:53530 it indeeds find the OPC UA Server on that IP, but anyway fails to connect to it.

I have downloaded and installed the new updated version of Factory IO where issues in the URL/URI handling have been removed.

Any tips on how to set this up differently? Any comments are welcome.


Welcome to the forum.

​You need to enter the server URL (ocp.tcp://13.79.17x.59:53530) in the OPC Server field instead (Ctrl + V or by typing it and then pressing Enter).
​Host Name is intended for OPC DA only (remote DCOM).

Aha, my bad!

That solved it, thanks Bruno.