Opc client da/ua error establishing a connection: 11001

Hi all,

I’m new at Factory-IO and I’m facing a problem when trying to connect to an OPC-UA server, as described at the topic.
It seems my OPC-UA server is working once I’ve read/write with other client simulator (UA Expert v1.5.1).
I’ve done the basic stuff as desabling my firewall, restart computer, and so on.
I’m using Factory-IO v2.5.0 and have a licence Modbus and OPC edition up to version 2.9.9.
Does anyone here faced such a problem? Any help is very welcome.


Can you share the URL of the OPC Server? It looks this is not a valid OPC UA server URL.

Hi Bruno!

Thanks for your fast reply.
find below a print of the OPC server I’m trying to connect. Just to make thinks a bit clear, I’m trying to communicate 4diac-FORTE (Eclipse 4diac - The Open Source Environment for Distributed Industrial Automation and Control Systems) which is the OPC-server with Factory-IO as a OPC client, both are running locally on my laptop.
As soon as I select the server (DESKTOP-LE0BM9S-forte_4840) I got the error.


Hi Ricardo,

I apologize for the late reply.

Please try to connect by typing directly the OPC server URL in the OPC server input field. The URL has the following format: opc.tcp://localhost:#### where #### is the OPC server port number. See the following image as an example:


After typing the correct URL press Enter and see if it can connect.

Hi Bruno!

Many thanks for your feedback.
By trping the OPC URL directly it works properly.