OPC Client DA/UA can't connect to server

OPC Client DA/UA driver doesn’t find my OPC-UA server, neither using the browse button nor when I set manually the OPC Server input field with the correct end point address.
The OPC-UA Server is located on the same machine where Factory I/O is installed.
I know this is the correct end point address because on the same machine I have also another OPC Client that has no problem to connect with this end point address.
I am using the following end point address. Is there any problem with this syntax?

Hi @mommeja,

Are you using the latest version of Factory I/O (2.4.3)? If so, I would say this issue is related to security settings on the OPC server. Can you tell me which server you are using? Thanks.

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Bruno, thanks for your reply.

  • Yes I am using 2.4.3
  • I am using the node-opcua OPC server. More specifically the sample that was provided in this forum https://community.factoryio.com/t/node-opcua-server/332/8
    In this sample, the server is instantiated this way, I guess there is no security at all. I don’t see what I should change, to allow the Factory I/O client to connect. Thanks for your guidance.
    const server = new opcua.OPCUAServer({
    port: 4334, // the port of the listening socket of the server
    resourcePath: “/UA/MyLittleServer”, // this path will be added to the endpoint resource name
    buildInfo : {
    productName: “MySampleServer1”,
    buildNumber: “7658”,
    buildDate: new Date(2014,5,2)

I’m facing exactly the same problem. I believe this issue is related to the latest versions of node-opcua (I have tested 2.22.0). By the way, all OPC clients I have tested with report the same error message. Most likely I’ll submit an issue on node-opcua.

Meanwhile, I have updated the sample server which is locked to version 2.7.0 and is working fine.

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