Shareable licenses

Starting at Factory I/O v2.4.0, legacy floating licenses (on-premise and cloud) are now replaced by a redesigned cloud based licensing system which is more robust, flexible and easier to use.

Each license can now be used as a standalone or floating license. This means that you can choose on how to use you license pool without needing to perform extra configuration steps. For example, from a pool of 10 licenses you can use 2 as standalone licenses and the remaining as floating licenses.

You can now give access to your license pool by using a Share Code (floating licenses only). This means that only users who know the current Share Code are allowed to use licenses. At any moment, a Share Code can be changed by the license owner returning all floating licenses to the license pool - great feature for sharing licenses with students!

I seem to have a problem there. I can’t revoke a license to a user via your website nor can the user himself deactivate the license from the Factory I/O client. The Button to deactivate the license as well as the input field to input a license is missing.

Program is started as administrator.

Only standalone licenses will show a Deactivate button. Also, you won’t be able to revoke a standalone license on your account portal, you must deactivate it in Factory I/O.

Standalone licenses:


Floating licenses (checked out using a share code) don’t show a Deactivate button, when you close Factory I/O the license is automatically returned to your license pool.

When using a share code in Factory I/O (FILE > OPTIONS > Licensing > Activate) you can clear it by opening the console and typing license.share_code = ''. On the other hand, if a share code is set in an auto.cfg file you need to edit the file in order to set license.share_code = ''.
Changing the share in you account portal will return all floating licenses to the license pool.

Floating licenses:


Learn more about licenses here:

The user has activated a standalone license on his PC but after a restart Factory I/O shows “No license found”. The license is still marked as “in usage” via the website though.

Please contact us on and send us your serial key.
DO NOT post your serial key here since this is a public forum. Thank you.

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hello brunovgr a question with how many students can share the license code

@niafre.v You can give a share code to all your students. Keep in mind that you have a limited number of licenses in your license pool. In order for your students to be able to checkout a license it needs to be available in your license pool.

See more about floating licenses here: