Snap buttons to control panel?

hi all

new to factoryio

how do you snap push buttons to a control panel?

finding it trick to get devices onto panel

EDIT: think I have got some of the hang of it now, double left click on panel seems to create a reference point to then place buttons etc



Glad you are getting the hang of the edit function. Objects snap to a grid, not another componenent which makes the workspace fairly easy to work with and manage. Hint: once you build your panel, you can group the build as one object making moving the panel around much easier.

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I seem to have the same problem. I can’t get the button flush with the door. It’s either one square in front of it, or one square behind the cabinet. Double-clicking the cabinet focuses the view on it and nothing more it seems.

I now see my error. The buttons needed to be rotated 180 degrees. I mistook their backside for their front side.