template siemens

I want this (FactoryIO_Template_S7-1200_V15.ap15) for tia v19

Hello @aesmaeilpour09

You can open that file, the FactoryIO_Template_S7-1200_V15.ap15, or any other template we have available on our PLCSIM tutorial page, on TIAPortal V19 and the software should ask you if you want to upgrade the project to the latest version, in this case, V19.
You confirm the upgrade and it should be automatic.

I hope this helps.


but my software is TIA v19 ?
and dont asked this question.

TIA will automatically ask you to upgrade an older project from a previous TIA version to a newer version. This should work flawlessly with the template provided.

So you don’t need a template for v19, you can just open the one for v15.

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The problem is solved, thank you :blue_heart: :blue_heart: