Warning Lights works not correct

Hello all,

i use Factory IO demo since 3 weeks.

I have problem with Warning Lights output with S7-PLCSIM.

If i press Button S2 for Forward Conveyor, the alarm siren start for 3 seconds and then start motor forward conveyor and warning Lights turn on until hit sensor b2 and turn all off. (Pic 4)

If i press Button S3 for Backward Conveyor, the Alamr Siren start for 3 seconds and then start motor backward conveyor, but Warning Light doesn’t turn on (Pic 5).

What wrong with PLC? :thinking:

Hi user72, welcome to the forum!

Could you, please, share the FactoryI/O scene and the PLC program so I could take a closer look to try and figure out what the problem might be?

Hi user72,
you can not write an Output on two Points of your Programm.
Delete the assingments (P4 Warnleuchte) on both SR-Flip_Fops and create a new Network like this: