Is possible to use Factory I/O for a classroom as virtual laboratory?

To Whom it may concern,
I’m a computer engineer student of uninettuno university, and my university is going to make a virtual laboratory project when students can test and improve their abilities with simulator like this.
So, is there a way to make it possible ( possibly not using a Client-Server interface and using a web interface to use it ) ? if yes, what kind of edition is suggested? How we can make virtual laboratory with this software and what we need to know to set it as virtual laboratory?
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Lorenzo Cattaneo

@l.cattaneo1 Welcome to the forum. How do you intend to use it, remotely or locally?

Thanks a lot. We intended to use it remotely, possibily with web interface.

Factory I/O is a desktop application and cannot run directly on a web browser. Although today it’s possible to run 3D applications on a browser, there are some security challenges that are hard to overcome. For example, running drivers on a browser as we do in Factory I/O will not work due to security constraints.

However, some users resort to virtualization services in order to run Factory I/O together with PLC programming software (TIA Portal, Logix5000, …) remotely. As one possible solution, I would recommend that you take a look at Amazon AppStream 2.0.

Thanks for replies, I have two question about what you written me.

  1. If we will choose amazon appstream option, we need to use external PLC however, or we can just use Factory I/O integrated PLCSIM??
  2. We could use PLC Simulator as you write me,but, are there low cost PLC simulator? Because I see Siemens and Logix, but there are no prices reported, so I think they are really expensive.

PS: I’m a simple student and I’m doing researching work, so I don’t know what’s the exact plan of my university, and obviously I don’t know how they want invest on this too. So my questions are targeted to know all about costs to make a cost study and to choose the better ways to make this project real.

Answering your questions:

  1. Factory I/O does not include PLCSIM. It includes a driver for Siemens PLCSIM. You will have acquired a license for PLCSIM from Siemens.
  2. I believe they offer special prices for education, you will have to contact your local dealer. There is a low-cost alternative to Siemens software called WinSPS. Take a look at it here:

Thanks a lot for replies. I will try soon these ways.

Another one question… when I will buy a version of this software, is possible to have a stack of keys or simply to share the key with flooding license?

Yes, you can use floating licenses and easily share them. Find more information here: Licensing

There is also the option of using the built-in Controlio Programming environment. Used correctly, I feel the language is another educational opportunity to take advantage of. I provided an example, including all the files, in the project sharing section of this forum. Controlio Example