Factory I/O v2.4.0 now available

Factory I/O v2.4.0 is now available at the downloads page and through the built-in updater.

See release notes and important information on how licenses work starting v2.4.0.


Factory I/O v2.4.0 uses a redesigned licensing system which offers seamless integration of standalone and floating licenses. After updating to v2.4.0, previous versions will no longer be able to find standalone licenses since these will be automatically migrated to v2.4.0. Additionally, legacy cloud licenses and on-premise license servers are now deprecated.

If you haven’t migrated your legacy floating licenses (cloud or on-premise), please contact us before updating to Factory I/O v2.4.0. Legacy floating licenses will not work out of the box on v2.4.0.

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My Factory IO V2.4.0 is not working and I don’t have serial key. please give me the key please…

Thank you very much…

My license not working

Hi Brunovgr I need your help please…

hello do I need a student license please