Flashing light (Loop program)

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Can someone advise how to make a flashing light with Control IO? I keep trying with counters and timers but not really sucessful. It must be an easy thing…I guess!

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I haven’t used Control IO. But try PWM if that’s an option in Control IO

PWM; Pulse-Width Modulation

Actually, I made it with timer and SR latch combination. I will try with PWM, thanks’

You can always make a variable pulse by chaining two TON.

The output of the first TON is used as an input for the second TON and also goes to your Q (output of the system). The negated input of the second TON goes to the input of the first TON.
If you negate the output you either have a high or a low input on first input.
If the input of the first TON goes high (because the second TON is off), the TON starts for the time set. After the time is run out, the output of the first TON goes high and triggers both your output and your second TON.
After the time of the second TON runs out, the input of the first TON goes low and the whole chain collapses, thus your output goes low again. Because the chain collapses, the second TON is reset and the input of the first TON goes high again.
If you alter the time of the first or the second TON you can have variable ON/OFF time of you output (for example 2 seconds off, 1 second on).


Thank you very much for your lovely detailed reply!

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