Mirco850sim delay/slow response

I am relatively new to using factory i/o and there seems to be a huge lag in response when usuing sensors or buttons.

im using the mirco 800 simulator.

laptop components are
cpu-intel core i7 1800h
64gb ram
and an rtx 3060 graphics card.

any help would be much appreciated. would actually buying a AB mirco plc help?

thanks in advance!

Hi @garret.mull, welcome to the forum!

Could you give us more details so we can better understand your problem?
Are you using the Connected Components Workbench to simulate the Micro 800?
What configurations do you have for the Micro800 Simulator?
Do you only have lag regarding the inputs of the PLC? Or is there lag when actuating the conveyors and other actuators too?

I figured it out. The simulator on connected components works really slow. Bought a micro 850 and it worked perfectly