Problem with the Controller-Defined Emitter

Hello to everyone.

I have a problem with the Controller-Defined Emitter.

I am doing a project and want to spawn a box or the 3 different types of raw material when the corresponding button is pressed.

I follow the documentation from the emitter but still, it doesn’t spawning the 3 type of raw material but only 2 type of box.

Here is a video to see

and I use this for the code (


Hi @billsakos,

The type of part to emit is defined by a 16-bit mask. This means you would use a WORD in your PLC code to specify which parts to emit. For example:

0000_0000_0001_0000 OR 0000_0000_0010_0000 OR 0000_0000_0100_0000 = 0000_0000_0111_0000

0000_0000_0111_0000 = 112 in decimal

By setting 112 in the Emitter # (Part) the emitter will emit blue, green, and metal raw parts.

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thanks , i misunderstand the documentation