S7-PLCSIM - PLC might not be a trustworthy device

I have a similar problem, I bought a full license TiaPortal v18 and Faktort IO, everything at the beginning worked OK. After some time, S7-PLCSIM does not communicate with Factory IO. After you try to connect the message(-The IP address of the device does not match the addresses of the associated certificate.
-The device uses an unknown, self-signed certificate.)

Hi @mielniczuk!

I’ve looked into your issue and I believe this is a security layer that Siemens has implemented starting from TIA Portal V17. Since you are using PLCSIM you can select “Connect” and you should be able to connect without any issues. What this does is it tells TIA Portal that the PLC you are using, PLCSIM, is a trusted device and that it can connect without any security issues.

I hope this helps!

To give further information on what’s happening here:
Siemens introduced a certificate system that will check if the certificate of the device you’re trying to connect to matches the previously stored certificate for that device. As you’re probably connecting to the device for the first time, you need to confirm this once.
This information is also stored in the CPU upon loading the software into the CPU. The CPU will only connect to “known” devices, as in devices with the correct certificate. Additionally, it will try to connect to the devices using encrypted communication (starting with the newest firmwares), which can be deactivated for legacy support.
We found out the hard way that the certificate check cannot be deactivated and you need to use device proxies if you have connections that are spanning over multiple TIA projects.