Siemens PLCSim Advanced 3.0 update1 issure

I can connect between FactoryIO v2.4.4 and PLCSim Advanced 3.0 update1, when I create the new scenes, bool input 、 bool output and word input also can execution. but only word output can’t work!
please to help how to control word output by TIA portal?

I try to use QD30 and QW100, aslo can’t work.


I think this problem may have been fixed on version 2.4.5. Update Factory I/O to the latest version and let me know if it fixed this problem. You can download it here:

Sorry, I had update to 2.4.5, It still have a problem as like screen cut.

I create more than 2 word-output, only first word-output can work, in other can’t execution.

It’s so weirdest!!! when I use administrator to execute PLCsim advanced, I can control under 3 word-output, but over the 3 word output, they out of control…

My bad… it looks like it has been fixed but it’s yet in preview 2 (v2.3.6). Get it from here and let me know if it works: Factory I/O v2.4.6 preview 2 available

OK, when I update to v2.4.6 preview2, It can correct operation.

Thanks for your help!!!

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