Simulating using RSLogix 500 in a virtual machine

Good day.

I’m trying to program a scene using RSLogix 500 from Rockwell Automation, since I don’t have a physical micrologix/SLC unit I’m trying to set up a OPC server, so Factory can connect to my program. The problem is that I have the RSLogix installed on a virtual machine (I am using VMware Worksatation) and Factory is on the host operating system, so when I try to connect to the OPC server I set it doesn’t show up in the driver configuration.

Is there a way to sort this out? Have any of you set and OPC Server on a virtual machine a connected to the host operating system?

I’d appreciate a lot your help.

Hi @eliostefano,

Using OPC DA on different computers can be quite tricky. You will have to configure DCOM settings on both computers. In your case, you have to configure it on the host computer and virtual machine. Note that you must use RSLinx Classic OEM or Gateway, as seen in this comparison chart: RSLinx Classic comparison.pdf . Other versions don’t include an OPC DA server.

I have found an interesting article on how to use OPC DA and RSLinx Classic that I think it’s what you are looking for: OPC-DA to RSLinx Classic (Emulated PLC) - General Discussion - Inductive Automation Forum

I hope it helps.

Hello Bruno.

Thank you for your reply, I may check out your resources and keep you posted if there’s any issue.

Best regards.