OPC-UA with virtual ctrlX

I tried to connect to a ctrlX controller that runs locally in a virtual environment. The entry in the OPC server should be correct.
But I get this error message:

Another application works with these settings!

Hi @SiggiP,

This is an OPC UA common status code that indicates that a resource is not available in the server: UA Part 4: Services - 7.34.2 Common StatusCodes

The connection to the OPC UA server is OK. However, an internal resource defined in the OPC server is not available. I recommend that you check if the OPC UA server is configured correctly.

Another point: are you sure the server is running on port 4840? Typically, this port is (should be) reserved for the local discovery server (LDS).

Dear Bruno, thank you for the answer. It seems to me, that the virtualisation from my laptop (Lenovo with Win11) prevents the connection between FactoryIO and the virtual plc. If I deactivate it in the BIOS, than the connection can be established. Unfortunately, the PLC in the virtual plc doesn’t work anymore, only the OPC-UA server.
Btw, the port 4840 is correct in this case.
BR, Siggi